TEFL Course in Madrid

We’ve created a unique program for university graduates looking to find work either in Spain or abroad. Over the years we have observed and adjusted our approach to teaching. The concept of Real Learning has allowed thousands of students to succeed in their language studies. We would now like to pass that knowledge on to the next generation of teachers.

Our TEFL course in Madrid is ideal for those looking to work as an EFL/ESL teacher as it includes observed teaching practice, one to one assessments, and all of this in a real teaching environment. Upon completion of your TEFL course you´ll be ready to face any challenge you encounter in the classroom. Feel prepared and comfortable teaching every level and different type of student, from young learners to the corporate executive.

There is also a possibility of obtaining a full-time job offer for top graduates, either teaching children/teenagers in our language schools in Madrid or in-company with our corporate clients, teaching Business English to adults.

What does our TEFL course include?

Introduction to TEFL

Level analysis: You will learn how to correctly assess your students’ level based on the CEFR (A1 to C2 scale).

Needs analysis: Not every student is the same, and not every student needs the same out of his/her course and teacher. Learn how to plan your class effectvely based on your students needs and level.

Official English language exams – Teaching exam preparation classes for children, teenagers and adults. You will learn effective teaching techniques for students preparing for Cambridge Official Exams. You will also receive basic information on other exams like TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, BEC and Trinity.

Classroom management techniques for children, teenagers and adults: From seating arrangements to giving out instructions properly, you will learn everything you need to manage your class effectively.

Teaching individuals versus teaching groups: Planning for groups is not the same as planning a one-to-one lesson. Learn the basics as well as tips and tricks on how to do this effectively.

Error correction – Speaking & writing: Understand the principal considerations in dealing with errors.

Teaching all 5 aspects of the language: Reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar. Different skills require different approaches. Learn these and more during your course.

Teaching children & teenagers: You will learn the essential skills neccesary to teach these sometimes difficult students.

Observed teaching practice: As part of your TEFL course you will be teaching approximately 6 hours of observed classes at different ages and levels.

The Green Monkey and Baxter Business Services teaching philosophy: If you are interested in working with us once you´ve completed your TEFL course, this extra module will help you adapt to our schools, and put in practice everything you have learned.

Teaching Business English & Business English functions: Expand your teaching knowledge, as well as your job opportunities, by learning how to teach Business English.

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