TEFL Course Techniques: Classroom management

TEFL Course Techniques
The motivations behind English students can vary wildly – with some students very intrinsically motivated to be in class and to improve rapidly. However, this is not always the case, and within a classroom, student motivation can differ. This can create an atmosphere […]

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How has having a TEFL certification allowed me to help people?

TEFL Certification: how can I help people?
At first glance, the answer is simple. A TEFL certification allows a teacher to increase students´ level in English. However, after a bit of thought, I realized it went a lot deeper than that, not only from the student’s perspective […]

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Study TEFL and Learn that Living in Madrid is Fun

Whether it’s the smell of churros wafting down the street in the morning on the way to your TEFL classes, or the long summer evenings where you can sit out on a “terraza” nursing a “caña” (a small cold, beer), living in Madrid can throw […]

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