TEFL Course in Madrid

Our 120-hour International TEFL course in Madrid is ideal if you are looking to work and travel abroad. Come and join us in Madrid to train to become a TEFL English teacher and open doors to a future career working abroad.

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There is a huge demand for trained and skilled language teachers worldwide.

Whether you’re interested in teaching English in China, Spain, France, Germany or even South Korea, TEFL teachers are guaranteed full-time work. If you’ve always dreamed of a new life full of adventure, excitement and global experiences, becoming a qualified TEFL English teacher could be your passport to work and travel around the world.

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120-hour TEFL Course

Observed classes

Lesson Planning

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«The TEFL course was a truly valuable and enriching experience. It helped me to understand the difference between teaching young learners and adults, then how to teach different areas of language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation…) and the method of lesson planning (PPP). Presentation, Practice and Production is a useful tool when it comes to both the preparation and giving of classes. By taking the course, I believe I gained thorough knowledge and skills that is already helping and will help me in the future with my classes. Hey, not to mention the great TEFL teacher and colleagues with whom I was doing exercises and playing games which is so much fun; and we all know how important games are when teaching (the module on gamification is the coolest one!) I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn how to teach!»Ivana Pranjic

«I’m so glad I did the TEFL course in the Baxter international TEFL school in Madrid. It was quite challenging at times but it was worth it! I am absolutely delighted with the knowledge I now have about teaching and its different skills and methods. I am very thankful to the great TEFL teacher, Eoin. You created an environment of enthusiasm for learning and made it look easy for us. I would definitely recommend the Tefl course as it gives you a lot of information about teaching all types of ages and stages. I also got the chance to meet people from different countries and make new friends. Thank you again for this experience, and good luck with everything!»Ouaf Bakkhat

But, what is TEFL? TEFL stands for Teach English as a Foreign Language, usually in countries where English isn’t the native language. Whether you’re looking for TEFL jobs in Spain or teaching jobs abroad, our TEFL course in Madrid will provide you with all the skills and training needed to become an effective English teacher.

Course features:

Our courses proactively engage students to put new knowledge into practice and to assess their own progress.

TEFL course in Madrid

4-week intensive TEFL course in Madrid.

TEFL certificate in Madrid

120 hours of class following approved accreditation methods and techniques.

TEFL course

Observed teaching and feedback

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Guaranteed full-time job offer for top graduates at The Green Monkey in Madrid.

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Help for non-EU passport holders. We will advise you on how to get a one year working visa.

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Support finding accommodation either in shared accommodation or in your very own apartment.

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